Jeremicís work is based on one subject, his favourite topic, the one, that is most important and most crucial for him. This topic, on which he plays virtuoso variations, like the grand masters musician able to modify and extend one pieces in such ways, that each new creation becomes a masterpiece.

And just as we all know that Bachís Goldberg Variations can only be by Bach, one will recognize a true Jeremic at first sight; even though his pieces vary from each other remarkably.

When viewing Jeremeicís paintings, it seems that he draws from the infinite. The reason might be related to the fact, that his unique subject matter is the most noble, most interesting and most beautiful one the world can offer Ė the woman.

For Jeremic, the woman is the center of all being. She is the source of everything and, most importantly, connected to everything else in the world. Given his focus, the artist has become one of the foremost experts of a theme within which he can create one masterpiece after another. Jeremicís paintings are fine and noble, they are honest, deep and covered by a somewhat mystical aura.

Everybody, who is interested in women should own at least one Jeremic Ė so literarily everybody.

Christian Schneeberger

sinisa-jeremic-21-newborn-in-water-(2003)-pencil-drawings-and-art-nouveau   sinisa-jeremic-27-ghost-in-the-machine-(2005)-pencil-drawings-and-art-nouveau
sinisa-jeremic-23-human-nature-(2004)-pencil-drawings-and-art-nouveau   sinisa-jeremic-20-voland-(2005)-pencil-drawings-and-art-nouveau